Hi! I’m Sarah, the owner, and operator of Outpost Whistler. This here is our blog. I know you’re familiar with the forum so I’ll keep the explanation brief. I want our guests to not only come to Whistler but to experience it on a deeper level. The way only locals truly can. I mean, that’s why you’re here and not at some cookie-cutter hotel right? Here on this blog, I will be writing my favorite things about Whistler and I’ll be calling on my friends to help too. Through getting to know the locals here, it was plain to see that Whistler attracts individuals who are driven, pushing life past what even they believed possible. But don’t take my word for it. Come back often to read their stories for yourself.  

Here’s mine, in the first of the segment I call “Interview with a Local”


Interviewer (I): K this is weird, cause I’m interviewing myself. I’m sitting on our new built-in banquette seat at our dining room table. It’s pretty comfortable. I’m drinking a cup of Golden Mylk and feeling a bit silly. Okay here goes, “Sarah, tell me your backstory…”

Sarah (ST): After graduating from university, and traveling the globe I started to plant roots in Vancouver where I fell madly in love with a man who was raised in Whistler. I was the Operations Lead for the Women’s design team at Lululemon and he was an entrepreneur with a small restaurant chain. Our story is so stereotypical it’s embarrassing to write; we moved in together, got a dog, got engaged, then married and had babies. The steps may be typical, but trust me when I say, how we did them like everything we do was anything but! 


I: How did you land here, in Whistler? 

ST: After baby number one, our beautiful boy Heath I knew I couldn’t go back to the corporate world, wanting something which would allow more flexibility. This is why we moved to Whistler. Vacation rentals wasn’t something I’d done before, but I knew this business is operations heavy and how right I was. It is so complex and dynamic. I am in heaven! 


I: Aside from the obvious, what keeps you here? 

ST: I can’t imagine a better place to raise my family. We’ve recently welcomed our second baby boy, Oscar and spend our free time exposing them to all their beautiful surroundings have to offer. Heath will be in “ski school” this season, aka daycare on ski’s and will no doubt tally more days on the mountain than I do… he will be 2.5 yrs old! Case and point. 


I: What is your “ideal” Whistler day?

ST: My ideal day in Whistler, given that it’s October and I have a 2yr old and 6 months old is as follows:

BREAKFAST- Americano and cinnamon bun at Ed’s Bred in Creekside. Also grabbing their sourdough pizza dough for dinner later.  

Activity- Hike Ancient Cedars Trail on Cougar Mountian.

LUNCH- Green Moustache with our friends and their children. I’m busy, so while I’m there I’ll pick up a few groceries at their waste-free grocery shop (bonus!). 

Activity- Take in the views from the Peak to Peak gondola, spotting and counting the bears with my eldest son, Heath. 

DINNER- Head home to make our own Ed’s bred Pizza and extra-large salad using whatever came in our Ice Cap Organics box that week  (delivered by the farmers themselves to our door weekly). 

Activity- After putting our kids to bed, Ben and I will sit together in our window seat eating some dark chocolate and watching the stars working!


I: What’s your favorite “locals” tip?

ST: I’ll be sharing them weekly on this blog but I’ll start with the drive up. My biggest advice for your journey is to take it slow from the get-go and enjoy the amazing drive on the Sea to Sky highway. Stop often. There are amazing beaches; Furry Creek and Britannia, views; Hike the Chief, stop at the Tantalus Mountain range (I can’t get enough of them), Waterfalls; don’t miss the Alexander Falls up the Callaghan and Brandywine both are very easily accessible for all abilities and ages. 


I: What do you do (professionally) and how can people support you?

ST: I own and operate Outpost Whistler, this Vacation Rental company. Come often, book directly here on our website and tell your friends. 


If you have blog post requests please let me know via email at sarah@outpostwhistler.com


Till our next post, have fun exploring!


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