Hey pizza lovers, if you find yourself in Whistler, get ready for a slice of mountain magic! In this cozy alpine town, pizza isn’t just food; it’s an experience. From locally sourced ingredients to crispy crusts that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance, Whistler’s pizza scene knows how to deliver the goods. Take a look at our top picks in Whistler!



Tucked away in this mountain wonderland, Creekbread is not your average pizza joint – it’s a whole vibe. Imagine a rustic, laid-back joint with a wood-fired oven doing its thing, crafting pizzas that’ll make your taste buds high-five each other.

But it’s not just about the pizza; it’s about the whole Creekbread experience. The place has got this cool, communal feel, where you’re surrounded by good vibes and friendly faces. Plus, they’re all about using local, organic ingredients, adding that extra touch of Whistler freshness to every slice.

Our favourite: Pemby Potato Pie with Bacon


Pizzeria Antico

Antico is the cool kid on the block when it comes to crafting some seriously awesome pies. At Antico you will find a cozy spot with an inviting vibe, where the smell of wood-fired goodness hits you the moment you walk in. The chefs at Antico aren’t just making pizza; they’re whipping up works of art. Thin, crispy crusts with the perfect char, topped with the freshest ingredients – it’s a flavour explosion.

And let’s talk ambiance – rustic charm meets modern cool. It’s the kind of place where you can kick back, grab a slice, and soak in the Whistler vibes.

Our favourite: Caprese


Table 19

At Table-19 you will find, a relaxed atmosphere, global flavours and fresh fermented dough! The pizza menu’s got a little bit of everything – from gourmet French style toppings to locally sourced veggie goodness with a butternut squash base! The restaurant is all about those locally sourced, ethical ingredients, spiced up with some clever homemade twists. Wash it down with a local craft beer, BC vino, or one of our mind-bending cocktails that’ll make you stay a while.

Picture a lakeside spot, fed by glaciers, surrounded by towering mountains at the legendary Nicklaus North Golf Course. In the summer, kick back on Whistler’s Best Patio; in the winter, dive into crowd-pleasing fondue.

Our favourites: Tarte Flambe or the Chefs daily rotator!



If you crave a dining spot that’s as cool as it is delicious, Handlebar should be on your radar. Located in Upper Village, Handlebar is more than a pizza restaurant; it’s a vibe.

The moment you step in, you’re hit with this laid-back energy, perfect for kicking back after a day on the slopes. You can grab their New York style pizza by slice or 20″ pie. Handlebar’s unique take on classic flavour combinations is not to be missed!

Our favourite: Spicy Calabrese with spicy honey



If you’re on the prowl for a taste explosion, swing by Caramba Restaurant. This spot is the real deal, dishing out a perfect blend of Italian flavours and wood fired pizza. Picture this: sizzling pizzas straight from the oven, loaded with unique flavour combinations. Whether you’re fuelling up for adventure or winding down après-ski style, Caramba is your go-to for Italian comfort in the heart of Whistler.

Our favourite: Funghi Bianco


Fat Tony’s

Nestled in the heart of this mountain town, Fat Tony’s is your go-to spot for mouthwatering take-out pizzas that bring together a perfect blend of flavours. It’s not just a pizza joint; it’s a Whistler institution for those who appreciate a delicious slice! Take-out or free delivery to your home.

Our favourite: Hawaiian

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