Planning a trip to Whistler, BC and need a way to get to your hotel or vacation rental? Whether you are coming alone or in a group, there are several ways to make your way here comfortably. If you are landing at Vancouver Airport, Whistler is 75 miles away and easily accessible by car, bus or even a seaplane!

Car Rental

Car Rental Service for Whistler BC

Whistler is about a 90-minute car ride from Vancouver Airport. If you or your friends are experienced drivers, there are quite a few car rental companies in Vancouver Airport. Renting a car can be a comfortable and efficient way to get here especially if you have a lot of luggage and ski gear. Plus, you will get to have an easy mode of transport during your trip.


Bus Service

The most affordable route to Whistler from Vancouver Airport is by bus, which is one of the best options for solo travelers. One tip is to book a round way trip to get your tickets at a discounted price. If you haven’t decided the date you will be leaving, don’t worry! Since there are several bus companies offering this service, prices are competitive and are within the $20 to $50 range for a one-way bus trip.

You can either get a ticket from one of the YVR-Whistler SkyLynx counters in the airport or book online with other bus transportation companies. Also, if you’re looking to save a couple of bucks, some shuttles will bring you closer to the city centre for lower prices and you can hop on a bus to Whistler from there. Some options for bus services are:

  • Epic Rides: $24 one-way, $35 round trip
  • SkyLynx: $59 one-way, $99 round trip
  • Snowbus: $45 one-way, $80 round trip (discounted for Snowclub)

Shuttle / Shared Van

Shuttle Service to Whistler

There are frequent coach and shuttle services from Vancouver Airport that can take you to Whistler in about two and a half hours, such as Whistler Shuttle. Not only do they go directly to and from the hotels in Whistler Village, the companies will also monitor your flight so they can make any adjustments and changes accordingly. Whether you go by coach or by car, the drive has some pretty breathtaking views from one of Canada’s most scenic routes.

Car Service

Car Service for Travelling to Whistler

For those who are concerned with driving by themselves, there are a range of car services to take you to your destination. While taxis are available for the YVR to Whistler journey, prices could go up to above $100. If you do have and want to splurge on car services, there are private hire car services that cost a few hundred dollars, but you will definitely arrive in comfort and style. Vancouver also has ride-sharing programs for those who want a more affordable car option. Poparide allows you to hitch a ride with other carpoolers and drivers who are going in the same direction. The best part is: rideshares to Whistler only cost a fraction of the price, ranging from $15 to $20 for a one-way trip.

Float Plane

Float Plane on the Water

If you are heading to Whistler in the summer, you’re in luck. For you who don’t want to lose a day in commute time on their trip, there are float planes that will get there in less than an hour. You can book a two-way trip on the Viator platform or directly with companies like Harbour Air. Prices start from just above $100, and not only is it quick and safe, you get to enjoy a gorgeous view of the sea and iconic landscape just before you arrive.

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